NW Nations March Update

Thanks so much for being a valued part of the NW Nations Baseball Family!

NW Nations Update (Ready and Waiting)

I want to touch base with you from time to time during these strange and trying times, stay connected and keep you updated as best I can. Rest assured that NW Nations Baseball is not going anywhere, we are here to stay and like you just waiting until we are advised that it is safe to play and then ready to resume with our tournaments. While we love the game as much as all of you do and want to get back to the fields, we will prioritize the health and safety of our players, fans and tournament personnel. Let’s get through this together. We remain hopeful and confident that we will be playing baseball again this season!

NW Nations Office

Because we are taking precautionary measures to protect our NW Nation tournament team, I am currently the only one manning the office. This does not mean that your calls, e-mails are any less important to us than usual, only that it may take me a little bit longer to get back to you then it typically does. I appreciate your patience and I will get back to all of you.

Update: NW Nations Grand Slam, scheduled for April 18-19th has now been cancelled.

Summer/Fall Schedule- What are we working on?

As we wait to kick-off the season a second time, we are talking with our parks regarding the possibility of adding new tournaments in July, August, September and October. We are also looking at possibly modifying our fall league into six one-day Saturday Showdown tournaments. We are exploring adding fields to some the events already on our schedule to accommodate more teams too.

Refunds and Transfers

The following tournaments have been cancelled so far this season.

  • Turf Wars- March Madness (March 14-15)
  • Hardball Classic (March 21-22)
  • Kennewick Klassic (March 28-29)
  • Diamond Duel (April 4-5)
  • Rose City Classic (April 4-5)
  • Grand Slam (April 18-19)

For teams wanting to transfer an entry fee to another future tournament or for teams that would like to request a refund, I have created a form on our website to help keep things organized on my end. Please help me out and utilize it by clicking here, remember it’s only me right now, so your patience is much appreciated!

Click here for refund request form. Refunds will only only be processed once this form has been filled out.

Good News! Wilson/ DeMarini/ EvoShield and NW Nations

We are proud to welcome Wilson, EvoShield and DeMarini as NW Nations tournament partners. Which means once we get rolling again, we will be able to hold some contests and drawings and give away some cool gear to the teams at our tournaments; gloves, bats, backpacks, elbow guards to you our NW Nations family!

Stay Ready to Play!

We encourage athletes to continue to do reps and “mirror” work at home, to keep honing their skills and progressing in their athletic development, to keep their heads high during these unprecedented times of uncertainty and discomfort, to be there for their families and friends and to ultimately resurface from this crisis a better and stronger individual, an all-star!

If you have any questions regarding tournament scheduling or updates in general please feel free to reach out by calling or e-mailing. 

Please take care,

Jeff LeRiche

NW Nations Owner

Office (Land line): 503-352-5315

Cell/Text: 503-806-0319