Kick it off on the Rug!

NW Nations has been helping teams get the season off to a great start at the Hood View Complex for a decade now and we are at it again in 2020!

All of the fields at the Hood View Complex are fully artificial turf which means no mud and no rain outs, just awesome early season baseball!

Soggy infields- No Sir! Squishy outfields- Negative! We got you covered, at hands down the best complex for early season baseball in the Portland area. Nothing else compares!

As the senior tournament organizer in the Northwest, it is fitting that we are the ones to open the season with the first tournament of 2020. Time to get out of the building and on the field! Turf Wars-Spring Training Tournament (February 22-23)

We are not messing around in March with the Turf Wars-March Madness (March 14-15) and Hood View Hardball Classic Tournaments. (March 21-22) These two events always sell out real early so make your plans now or risk being left out in the mud!

Saturday Showdowns? you bet! It’s a long season, sometimes one day of baseball with a Sunday off is just the ticket for your team and your families. We got something for you there too in April (April 25th.)May (May 9th) and June (June 6th.)

Welcome to NWN Hood View Park in 2020!