About NW Nations

"The premise that we started with was simple and has remained the same to this day. Let's put on a tournament that we would want to play in!"

Welcome to NW Nations

My name is Jeff LeRiche and my wife Kimberly, and I are the owners of NW Nations Baseball.

A little about me, after years of coaching, serving as a softball state director and another decade or so spent traveling the country as a manager for DeMarini Sports, I grew weary of sitting on a plane crisscrossing the country and being away from my family.

It was on another long flight back from the east coast that I decided that I wanted to work with my family and get back to my baseball roots. And so, after talking it over with the fam, in 2010, we did just that. With modest beginnings, My Dad and I built portable mounds in the driveway, my wife and sons, Andre' and Max, helped load them into the back of our little pick-up and off to the fields we went, for our first baseball tournament, the NW Nations Grand Slam!

From that first event, we at NW Nations have made it our mission to hold the best youth baseball tournaments that you can play in. The premise that we started with was simple, let's hold a tournament that we would want to play in. The formula has always been: Professional management + premier fields + great umpires = An awesome tournament experience!

Our goal is not to have you play one tournament; we want to offer a full season of great destiNations that you can build your entire schedule around and one that you can trust in to be a consistent, quality experience no matter the location.

Now entering year 14, we do not take anything for granted, we continually look for ways to improve to ensure that your team enjoys an outstanding tournament experience. Yes, some things have changed, technology has made it easier to communicate, we no longer build our own mounds, and we don't try to cram everything we need for an event into a Toyota pick-up truck, but much has remained the same.

Our family still pitches in every week and over the years we have welcomed others into our extended baseball family, awesome staff and umpires that care just as much as we do, and countless friends made along the way! We look forward to your team becoming part of our NW Nations family this season too!

Swing for the fences,

Jeff & Kimberly and the NW Nations Crew

The NW Nations Difference? That's easy, it's the NWN Crew!

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Give us a call: 503-352-5315