We really appreciate you choosing to play NW Nations Tournament Baseball this weekend. With 52 teams playing we are looking forward to an awesome weekend of baseball. While at the tournament, please do not hesitate to ask our staff if you need anything, we will be happy to assist you.

Get game scores and schedule updates throughout the weekend

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For all NW Nations Tournaments you can receive score and schedule updates via text or e-mail or best of all straight to your mobile device by downloading the Tourney Machine tournament app. It is free to you.

You can download the tournament mobile app by going directly to http://www.tourneymachine.com/R37192 on your mobile device or by going to our website (click here) and clicking on one of the green buttons.

General Info

Game locations: Due to the size of this event we are utilizing three different complexes. NW Nations staff will be available at all locations at all times if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Directions to the parks can be found by clicking here. or by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

10u Division: All 10u games will be played at the Civic Center Complex.

11u Division: All 11u games will be played at the Civic Center Complex.

12u Division: 12u games will be played at the Lawrence Scott Park Complex and Civic Center Complex.

13u Division: 13u games will be played at the Southridge Complex and Lawrence Scott Park.

14u Division: All 14u games will be played at the Southridge Complex.


Weather: Even though Kennewick enjoys a rather climate, this is the time of the year that we have to talk about weather no matter where in the Northwest we are.

We will make every effort to play all tournament games, we want to play them as much as you do! If we were to experience weather that was determined by the field staff, tournament director and umpires to be severe enough to pose a player safety concern, we will delay games until conditions improve, cancel games or cancel the entire tournament if necessary. The ultimate decision on whether we can play or continue to play is made by the parks department. 

If we happen to be subject to extreme weather conditions this weekend, you can call the NW Nations Weather line for updates.  

NW Nations Weather Line: (503) 799-5737 

Please restrict the calls to one person per team so that everyone can get through if needed. Initial updates are recorded at 6:45 AM each day, subsequent updates will be added as needed. We will also post updates on the tournament game schedule page and on the NW Nations/ Tourney Machine app too.

Unfortunately, those playing the first games of the day are at a disadvantage because we may not have the information on the field status updated before you must leave. Sometimes it is a "game time" decision. PLEASE CONSIDER ALL GAMES PLAYABLE UNLESS UPDATES INDICATE OTHERWISE. Weather related decisions will be made the day of the scheduled games. We will not make any decisions prior to the day of the scheduled games.


Shelters: The dugouts are covered. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own tent or tarps, just try to be courteous in your placement not to block walking paths or the view of other fans.

Coats/Jackets: Wearing whatever is necessary over the top of the uniform in order to be comfortable is fine with us. Just work with the umpires and scorekeepers to prevent confusion, please.

Heaters: Some fans and teams utilize portable heating devices during these early tournaments. These are allowed at this complex, just make sure they are safe and be careful in their use. No open flames allowed in the parks. 

Parking: Parking is allowed in designated parking areas only. 

RV Parking: Overnight parking is not allowed at any of the parks.

Game Score Updates: We will be updating game scores throughout the day on the tournament app and on our website as games are completed. Please click here for updated game scores.

Sunday Bracket Schedule: As seeding games are completed we will be placing teams into brackets for Sunday on the tournament app and on our website. You will be able to find the Sunday game times by clicking here.

Tournament Apparel and Souvenirs: NW Nations will have t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, caps, necklaces etc. available to purchase at all sites. Cash or credit card accepted.

Coach Info

Team Check-in: Please check in prior to your first game at the blue tournament tent at the complex that your first game is scheduled for and receive your tournament packet.

Birth Certificates: Please make sure that you have copies of birth certificates for all players with you at the fields.

Dugouts are not assigned; the first team to arrive has choice of dugouts.

Warm-ups: The parks will open at 7:00 AM both Saturday and Sunday. Teams playing the first games of the day can warm up on the outfield of the field that they will be playing on. Do not plan on warming up on the fields during the day as we will make every effort to stay on schedule. No taking infield allowed for tournament play.

Line-Up Cards: Each team is expected to present a line-up card to the plate umpire at the pregame conference.

Game Balls: NW Nations will be supplying all game balls.

Metal Cleats: Only 14u and 13u divisions are allowed to wear metal cleats. Metal cleats are not allowed on portable mounds. Please have suitable shoes available for any player that may pitch. 

Portable Mounds: All divisions will utilize portable mounds. 

Pitching Charts: Pitching Charts will be in your coach packet that you will receive at check-in. Please keep track of how many outs each of your pitchers throws and turn your chart in at the tournament tent at the end of each day.

Post Game: At the end of your game please be considerate and vacate your dugout promptly. Team meetings need to take place outside the fences so that teams waiting for the next game can move in.

NW Nations Bat Rules: Umpires and tournament staff will be checking bats for compliance prior to games throughout the tournament. Please see the tournament director if you have a question on the legality of a bat.

9u-13u Age Divisions:  No bat size restrictions. All Bats must be certified by the manufacturer to meet a Bat Performance Factor of 1.15 or less and must bear the BPF 1.15 stamp or new USA Bat stamp.  All (-3) bats must be BBCOR approved and bear the BBCOR stamp.

14u Division: Only (-3) and (-5 ) bats are allowed.  All (-5) bats must bear the BPF 1.15 stamp or new USA Bat stamp.. All (-3) bats must be BBCOR approved and bear the BBCOR stamp.

Scheduling: NW Nations makes every attempt to keep the tournament on schedule, on occasion due to circumstances this is not possible. Directors reserve the right to change any game time, playing field or dates or to make other changes necessary to conduct the tournament. When circumstances arise where we can start a game early throughout the day, teams must be prepared to start up to 30 minutes before their scheduled game time, this is to keep the tournament moving along at all times.  


Park Info

Concessions will be available at all three complexes.

You are welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks into the parks.

NW Nations does not charge entrance fees at our tournaments, come out and watch!

Well behaved and attended dogs on a leash are welcome.

Please no smoking or vaping in any of the parks and no alcoholic beverages.

NW Nations Baseball expects good sportsmanship from players, coaches and fans before, during, and after all events.

Thanks for Playing NW Nations!

Southridge Complex

Lawrence Scott Park

Civic Center Complex